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After 30 years dedicated to helping people all over the world, working on two different continents, her outstanding potential and passion as a psychologist, RTT practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist is to turn that “spiraling down effect” thought process that directs your life into an undesired direction, into something greater and better: an extraordinary unforgettable you!

Virginia is unapologetically on a mission to add a sparkle to your mind so you can break free from that cage and change from ordinary into an extraordinary-unforgettable you!


How Effective Is Hypnosis and Transformational Hypnotherapy?

American Health Magazine Compared Different Types Of Therapy And Found:

38% Recovery after 600 Sessions
Transformational Hypnotherapy
93% Recovery after 6 Sessions
Behavior Therapy
72% Recovery after 22 Sessions

Area of Expertise​

Transformational Hypnotherapy

What is Transformational Hypnotherapy?

Transformational Hypnotherapy is a rapid, effective, individualized and, deep approach to facilitate your wellness using and combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

How can Transformational Hypnotherapy benefit you?

Transformational Hypnotherapy assists you in your journey, guides and helps you achieve permanent change from your struggles, and helps you heal from physical and emotional pain by retraining your core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions in the subconscious mind.

How does Transformational Hypnotherapy work?

By reprogramming your brain’s neural pathways, Transformational Hypnotherapy uses different tools to replace your outdated belief systems and negative behavior patterns that keep you stuck. New life-affirming beliefs are built, and the healing process can begin.

What People Say

Client Testimonials

"Virginia dedicated 100% of herself into the session I had with her. She made me feel comfortable, we laughed and we unwrapped some heavy feelings too. I had my “ah-ha!” moment and understood where the behavior I wanted to address came from. I’ve been listening to the recording she gave me and I love how personal it is. Knowing that I am Italian she even surprised me with a part talking in Italian! I also love that she checks up on me, making sure I am doing my part."
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"I met Virginia asking her whether she could help me in “boosting” me in my career field. I’ve used to be a perfectionist and very keen on criticize me on everything I do. This habit used to cause me a lot of distress and affected negatively my self esteem. I’d never shared publicly these things because I used to be a little bit “ashamed” of this self torture I was used to do - to me! After the session with Virginia, anyway, I feel stronger if I think of who I used to be. She really helped me to “transform” that inner critic voice into the best cheerleader I’ve ever dreamt about!!
Marta M.
"Thank you Virginia for such a phenomenal Transformational Therapy session. The entire session was so eye opening and helpful. Thanks for the extra medical advice you gave me and the Transformational recording was sooooooo good. I yearn to listen to it daily and I can't wait to share my testimony with you. Thanks dear."
Adeola J.
"Hi Dearest Virginia! I am great thanks! Listening to the recording every day! And what a great song! I am unstoppable today!!! Feedback on the session; it was fantastic!! You asked the right questions and made me feel calm and I can just be myself! You were creating a great safe space. I love your voice and music on the recording! I see my new weight on my mirror and listen to the great song you advised! I can feel how I am on my new journey of releasing the extra weight, and loving more healthy food!"
Cornell F.
She’s been so delicate and professional in helping me to find out which was the root of my struggles…I’ve never took a look so close to my problems and we did it together in a very EMPOWERFUL way… That’s why, every time I think of a professional warm person as Virginia I feel so grateful to have met her!!! I’d really wish everyone to meet a person like her: she helps you to see “fall in love” with yourself! Thanks my dear!"
Marta M.
"Virginia is the definition of amazing! I struggled my whole life with low self-esteem. She was so empathic, insightful, professional and kind that I started feeling better about myself already during the session. At the end I felt on top of the world. The process was very effective and it was such a pleasure and wonderful experience to work with her. If you want to change your life, come to Virginia. I highly recommend her. You leave the session feeling like a new person. Thank you for your amazing work Virginia!"
Kamila M.

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