Heal. Grow. Love.

Dedicated to those running after healing, those who are learning to find the beauty in growing, and those who understand that love can only be seen when both HEALING and GROWTH show up !!

Acknowledging the power of the pain is the eviction notice to it. Healing is the authority that forces it to leave along with its belongings!!
PAIN is not something that just leaves, it’s something that slithers its way to the deepest part of us, hides itself in the cracks of our souls, and tries to conquer every part of our life! Despite what led it to find us, whether it is heartbreak, death, or loss of something, it’s still a powerful drug that will impair your life. The solution to it must be HEALING. Healing has to be the go-to, it has to be the first option rather than the last resort, Healing’s job is to sober you up to get the best from life !!
As you chase healing you must understand these things about it;
1–It is not something that just happens, it’s not a one-time event, it’s constant choosing to stay ahead of the pain and reminding yourself that your heart deserves better, much better !! It’s about fighting to stay consistent in fighting against the pain and the hurt.
2–HEALING IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL !! What I do for my healing can be totally totally different than what you do for yours. Depending on the pain, healing also carries different meanings. As you chase healing, you want to keep your eyes in the MIRROR, you must look deep within yourself, as well as being honest with yourself.
How far you have to dig to get where you need to be will be personal to you.
Lastly, know that you will never fully catch healing, we will always be healing from something !!!!!!!
The reality is that what we are healing from changes, and what it requires from us changes. You’re always on the boat, doing whatever you need to stay in the river, it will take you to different places, with different sceneries, with different weather !!

GROWTH is a sign that you are living, it is an even better sign that you are READY FOR LOVE.
Growing is uncomfortable, it requires change, and it asks us to swim into new waters and step foot on new lands! It’s not easy but it is the thing that makes our journey here better. It’s the thing that opens us up to receive blessings we can not receive when we are stuck in our old ways.
GROWING IS PART OF SELF LOVE. Therefore, choose to grow, choose to evolve. Gladly let it pull you out of your comfort zone, and gladly make those tough decisions. Complacency is an enemy and insanity, is often described as repeating the same thing yet wanting different results. YOU are meant to continue changing, even if life rotates in season. DO NOT REMAIN THE SAME !!

It is when we DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE that we get swallowed by hate either from ourselves or others !!
Enough of us ease accept an untrue version of love because we don’t know what it looks like. We go by society’s standard of what love should look like in our mirror when we are not meant to be like everyone else and everyone else is not true to themselves. We also define love by what we are hungry for, whether it’s our immature days when we craved attention and notoriety or in our more mature days seeking it in connection and authenticity.
Not enough of us open our eyes to look for love that speaks for itself, we like speaking for it, telling others why it is love, or convincing ourselves it is true. We toy around far too much with incomplete love asking it to complete us. The truth is, that love is simple enough to be seen by the blind! It’s not easy, and neither should it be constantly hard. It’s not meant to be chased our entire lives but to be lived when it comes. The secret is LOVE IS A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD. It requires us to work on ourselves while we wait for the love that is coming from someone else. Unless we are patient, we will settle for false versions of any love. LOVE WILL COME WHEN IT’S TIME BUT DON’T LET THE LOVE YOU HAVE LEAVE !!

The fortunate truth will always be that when a soul is in need of healing, it will always find itself at the feet of growth, for it knows that without shedding, love cannot come in, and hurt doesn’t just walk itself out voluntarily !!

The pain has held you for too long
You’ve been giving it too much room
to sit in your bones for far too long.
You’ve allowed it to dance in the depth of your heart,
And hide behind your smile for too long.
The time to become free is now as it has always been.

Today and yesterday shouldn’t hold secrets to chat
about over your mind.
There’s never good that comes from it,
They gossip about things that only yesterday should know of,

Every day is meant to carry its own story

This unique book is more like an exercise for you, there are three sections,
Every section has at the end some questions that you have to find the answer only look inward and reflect !!

You are only running against you, against time, against life !!.


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