You don’t become a Goddess, You were born one!

Life has a way of making your divine spark so small that you can forget it’s even there,
You conform to please other people, feel shame about having dreams and keep quiet for an easy life.
But your inner wise woman is still inside! Gently whispering for you to align with her and shine brightly in all areas of your life.

IF you want to spend time alone
……means that your GODDESS is asking you to reconnect with her by being still and getting quiet in your mind.
Say hello to her with a 5/10 minute morning meditation !!!

IF people are paying you compliments
……means that the divine feminine is telling you to receive gifts graciously.
Next time someone says something nice to you, try not to bat it back or put yourself down !!!

IF you are drawn to beautiful objects
……it’s time to make yourself a GODDESS sanctuary !!!
Find a corner in your home and adorn it with items that speak to your soul!

IF you often feel overwhelmed and struggle to hold it all together
…….you have to let go of the illusion that you have to do it all.
Your GODDESS is asking you to realize that your worth doesn’t comes from your “successes”

IF drawing, gardening, and cooking are piquing your interest
…….your nurturing muscle needs some exercise!
Unplug yourself from any devices and get creative with your hands …this is a truly feminine practice.

IF criticism from others doesn’t hurt so much
…..the wise woman inside is showing you how to let things go.
You are a GODDESS, why would you care what other people think?
Those who are overly sensitive and easily offended are often insecure…….and that’s not the way of the GODDESS!!