Your first purpose is to heal

Nothing will ever be the same, if you can not imagine how else you might leave a legacy – help others – or do something meaningful with your life, the most important place to start is WITHIN YOURSELF !!!!

It is also the hardest place to start.

When we claim ownership over the unique destiny that is meant to be ours, the collective heals with us, because we are all pieces of the whole !!

……… two people are not exactly alike, each of us is unique …every purpose we are called to it is unique as well…and when we heal ourselves we start to awake to the small and large ways in which we can affect those around us, in the corner of the earth we were given, in the specific ways we know how , for the period of time that is ours.

   There is no one person who does not need healing because there is not one person who does not need to be awakened from their unconsciousness and into all life might offer!

      THIS WORLD IS A TRAINING GROUND FOR A SOUL DEVELOPMENT…..and what you can not see now is that nothing is really wrong, everything is exactly like should be….in divine order! STOP PROJECTING and STOP TELLING STORIES! Those dull, unsettling feelings are not in the future THEY’RE IN THE PAST, and you’ve been carrying them with you all this time.

If we don’t finish processing our emotional experiences, they stay with us for a long time and they hold within them nourishment, wisdom, and guidance ….but also they’re debris from a chapter-long close!

When you are ready to heal, you will need to lay yourself down in a very safe space and focus on those tense feelings. Have them show you their origins.

You will begin to see moments you forgot about, feelings you forgot you ever felt. The past will come up in blinks and vignettes, and slowly – over time – you will awaken to what is really wrong, which is the piece of you that had to break off and build a wall around your heart because behind it was a wound you did not yet know how to heal !!!

You will know that the ANGER-SADNESS-ANXIETY is a veil, a trigger trying to wake you up – not knock you out.

YOU WILL NEED TO CRY…..for the youngest you – when your heart was broken, or whose friends were mean to you, or when your parents hurt you- You will need to go back to those memories and insert yourself as an adult and tell your child self to say what they really needed to say at the moment they needed to say it – though they couldn’t find the words or the courage……You will need to do this over and over again until you feel lighter and lighter, YOU ARE  RELEASING ……YOU CHANGE YOUR STORY…..CHANGING THE MEANING OF THOSE EXPERIENCES OF YOUR CHILD SELF.

YOU WILL NEED TO SWEAT, stretch, and move your body…pay attention to where you are tight and what feels uncomfortable, and where you are pent up and STORING ALL THE PAIN.

YOU WILL NEED TO SHAKE…to lay on the floor and literally shake out everything you’re holding. Let yourself feel vulnerable and small–both of which at the end of the day are the two feelings we guard ourselves against the most.

YOU WILL NEED TO SURENDER …through the tears and sweat and shaking and shifting – you will stop fighting it. You will see your past life for what it was so you can see your present life for what it is . FILLED WITH HOPE AND POTENTIAL

Eventually – you will get up and your world will start to change!

You will exit relationships and begin others.

You will call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

You will suddenly be inspired to attend a new class – or find yourself drafting your resignation email.

You will begin writing /reading/sitting outside drinking water and feeling grateful for these simple nourishing things.

You will sleep a bit easier 

You will gradually start to return to yourself.

You will enter that emotional fire and burn off everything blocking the core of you from truly being in the world.

Then you will know that when you lose someone, you must cry

When you are frustrated, you must be frustrated

When you want to say something, you must speak.

In the healing process, you don’t just learn how to go back and fix what you didn’t finish. You also learn how to press forward / how to live more intently and presently / how to process your experiences in real-time. The more you do this the more, the more you will awaken and begin to show up for LIFE. You start speaking again, you start feeling again, and YOU START BEING AGAIN.


It was always there.

It was always buried under years and layers of identities and styles and beliefs and ideas that had adhered themselves to you like a shield!



All the time you spent feeling so uncomfortable was just your deepest self trying to speak to you., trying to remind you of its presence.

It was only the core of you saying KEEP GOING  THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS


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